Donna Martin M.A.

Psoma Yoga Teacher and Therapist,  Hakomi Trainer and Consultant,  
Author and Professional Speaker

Wisdom without words, born of inner silence, carried within the heart,
dispensed with loving kindness, this is true medicine.
~ In Search of the Medicine Buddha by David Crow ~

Hakomi & Psoma Yoga Therapy™

Interview with Donna

Interview with Donna Martin about the "Ultimate Paradox" in Hakomi. Things are perfect as they are and seeking for change.

Donna's Awake TV Interview with Don McGinnis 

Here is part of an interview with Don McGinnis about the integration of Hakomi and yoga and what is called psoma yoga therapy.


Donna's video about Mindfulness and the Hakomi method.

Loving Presence

Donna speaks about healing as the unfolding of intrinsic wholeness. There is a way to participate in and support someone’s healing journey with this confidence. 

Donna's Interview with Liam Bowler, The Body Awake

"Donna Martin came highly recommended to me from several Body Awake listeners. She's deeply trained, and trains others, in the realm of Hakomi, an approach to psychotherapy that's rooted in mindfulness and body awareness."
-- Liam Bowler

Psoma Yoga Class

An excerpt (40 min) from a morning psoma yoga class Donna taught at Hollyhock... how to start the day with yoga and embodied mindfulness before even getting out of bed!

The Hakomi Global Summit

This interview was part of The Hakomi Global Summit, a free online event which featured Hakomi experts from around the world who are creating powerful shifts in the fields of healing, transformation and personal growth.

First Psoma yoga training retreat at Hollyhock ( in November 2011. Most of the photos were taken by Johnathan Ikebuchi.