Introduction to Remembering Wholeness
and InSight Methods

(by Donna Martin)

My life has been gifted and blessed with the opportunity to spend time with many amazing teachers. I cannot write this book without making it a tribute to them. What I have learned and will share with you here is a culmination of insights and experiences that come from many sources, or maybe from one Source through many channels. Any wisdom here can be attributed to my teachers… any deficiencies are my own.

Of all the wonderful teachers who’ve shaped my life, the woman I consider to be my InSight mentor was Eleanor Leatham. Ellie used Toning and Inspired Movement to help others learn to follow their inner guidance and to be in the Creative Flow of Life. The time I spent with her put me in touch with myself and my inner wisdom in a way that changed me forever. What I remember, more than anything she taught me, was the feeling of being loved unconditionally, of being held by her in such a gentle, loving and nurturing embrace, that any doubt I had about my self-worth vanished.

There are spiritual teachers who transform you just because of the way they love you. Ellie was one. My experiences with her made it possible, even necessary, for me to teach others this kind of inner sensing through what I now call InSight Methods. Mainly, though, her legacy to me was to love, to be loving. Her wisdom was contained within the power of love to heal by helping others to remember wholeness.

From love, joy is possible, and peace, and freedom. Ellie taught that when mind, body, and feeling are all involved in a creative action, the experience becomes a part of you. The effect is wholistic, complete. You become more aware of your total self.

Ellie used Toning, along with Inspired Movement, to help others become attuned to the tremendous creative power within and to cleanse the personality of old patterns that interfere with inspired living.

Toning, or natural sound release, is a natural way the voice makes all kinds of spontaneous sounds to remove tension or pain… sounds like sighing, groaning, moaning, or crying, the sounds that flow through us without conscious direction.
Like music, toning is an emotional language. It is built in within us all. Ellie used sound to release blocked energy in the emotional body, and to clear and open the energy body and the mind. Creative sound release, or toning, she taught, energizes us and creates more balance and confidence. It helps raise consciousness from the reactionary level to the heart level, making it more possible for us to respond with love and kindness in any situation. All of the InSight approaches have this goal.

It is with deep gratitude to Ellie, and to all my teachers, that I offer this small sampling of the approaches that have helped me in my healing journey, my path of remembering wholeness.

What are InSight Methods?

InSight methods not only produce insights but they rely on seeing in… tuning in to access the wisdom within you. They are experiential bodymind approaches to learning about yourself in order to live more consciously, creatively, authentically, and compassionately. They are intra- and inter-personal approaches to relating to yourself, to others, and to life responsively, rather than reactively. They all use an inward-looking quiet state to listen for and to the subtle messages that speak to us about what is needed in any given moment. These methods all see unity as an essential truth, and recognize the interconnectedness of all things.

InSight methods remind us that we all have wisdom within us… that there is a knowing inside us if we are quiet and calm enough to tune in, and trusting enough to listen. Sometimes we need information from the outside but the knowing comes from inside.

My friend Paul Brenner, M.D., another one of my amazing teachers, taught me an InSight method which he calls silent communication. Having noticed since childhood that his body gave him signals that he learned to hear as a "yes" and a "no", he has coached others in many situations to listen to their body, not only to find their own answers to questions about life, but also to respond to another’s questions and help fine tune the inner knowing that points to the answers needed.

I have learned to use this InSight method in my own way, to notice the particular body feeling, which is a kind of opening, that signals a "yes" answer, and to feel when the body’s answer, a kind of contraction, signals a "no". For me it seems to happen with a kind of spontaneous breathing, like a sigh. It happens in response to my own or another’s inner search for meaning.

It’s impossible to really describe "silent communication" in words, although it is somewhat similar to Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing technique. But it is simple enough to learn once you have given yourself the time and space to simply pay attention to your body’s response to something and have decided to trust in a part of you that knows what you need and recognize that it speaks to you through your body. (Some people have learned to use a pendulum in the same way, a technique of noticing the movement of the pendulum as an expression of the subtle signals in the body that indicate a yes or no from the part of you that knows. This is a kind of dowsing.)

Sometimes the most difficult part of finding answers this way is knowing how to ask the question, or even what question to ask! If the question is not clear or is somehow off track, the answers will be confused at best. An example of such a question for me is anything with "should"… "should I do this.. should I go there?" I’ve learned that this knowing from within does not rely on the kind of rules and shoulds that other parts of my mind follow. A more appropriate way of wording a question is to be very specific; to ask, for example, "is eating this particular food at this time in the best interests of my health?" instead of "should I eat this?" When the question is clear, the answers come more willingly with these InSight practices I’m offering you.

There are many InSight methods… too many to write about them all in one book. I’m inviting you to sample some of the methods and practices that have helped me and the people I have worked with. My intention is to assist you to find one or two that seem to work well for you. The real point is to support and encourage you to trust in looking within yourself for what you need to know and to offer you some simple practices to help you to do that.

This moment, every moment,
if it is genuinely inside you, brings what you need.

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