We are an international association of therapists, teachers, leaders, consultants, doctors, and other professionals, who are dedicated to sharing the principles and practices of the Hakomi Method to help people learn to communicate and relate in more peaceful loving ways.

"Be what you are: intelligence and love in action." (Nisargadatta Maharaj)

The Hakomi Experiential Method created and developed by Ron Kurtz is a practical approach to developing and promoting:

We help people tune in to their capacity for lovingkindness and to use that as a strength in their personal and professional relationships. We also help people to understand themselves, feel better about themselves, and to resolve some of the fear-based issues that interfere with living a more creative, authentic, and compassionate life.

We do this by offering a variety of learning experiences in small and large group settings. The first of these include several 2-3 day workshops called the Personhood Series:

We also offer a training program following completion of the Personhood series with a one or two-year format that follows through with increasing levels of skillfulness in the Hakomi Experiential Method as created, developed, and taught by Ron Kurtz. This will include:

  1. the use of mindfulness for self-study,
  2. deep listening with a present-centered focus,
  3. more understanding of nonverbal communication,
  4. an appreciation of the role and practice of nonviolence,
  5. more awareness of the unity of mind, body, and spirit,
  6. learning to respond appropriately to unconscious signals and needs,
  7. an understanding of the underlying core material (beliefs, implicit reality) which is what organizes your own or another person’s experiences in life,
  8. effective ways of processing, transforming, and integrating this core material into new and more nourishing and creative ways of being in the world,
  9. working effectively with others one-to-one therapy or in small groups,
  10. an opportunity to experience healthy friendships and a loving community.

For more information about this training program and the Hakomi Educational Network, please see www.hakomi.com or contact Donna Martin.

© Donna Martin, M.A. (Certified Hakomi therapist and trainer)

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